FHP12 12″ Wide, 2 Burner Hot Plate

48,000 BTU, 2 Burner Hot Plate

Product Information

Order 2 Burner Hot Plate Each @ $499.00


Easy cleaning, corrosion resistant stainless steel finish, welded with angle iron and aluminized inner framing. Sturdy 4″ heavy duty stainless pipe legs with adjustable feet. Stainless steel bullnoserail is safely flush with the cook tops and functional to straddle pots, skillets and plates and also serves as control protection. Double wallconstruction with heavy insulation for cooler operation. Installation clearances for non-combustible surfaces are 0″ on the sides and 0″ in the rear, combustible surfaces are 4″ on the sides and 5″ in the rear.


Equipped with brass gas valves and automatic standing pilots. Pressure regulators are set at the factory for the gas specified. Optimal pressures are 4″ WC for natural gas and 10″ WC for propane.

Manifold size is 3/4” NPT. All controls are tested and confirmed in good working order. Calibration and adjustments are the responsibility of the installer.


24,000 BTU “star” pattern top burners with no gaskets to leak. The large 7″ flame spread offers a more efficient burn pattern for small to large pots. Cooks faster with less fuel consumption.


12″ x 12″ solid cast iron with spillover bowl that also reflects heat to the cooking surface for added efficiency. Grates are flush with the front rail for tip & spill safety, more space and easy movementfor pots & pans across the tops.


FHP Series hot plates are designed to match up with FHP char-broilers and griddles.