8″ Stainless Steel French Whip

8" Stainless Steel French Whip

Product Information

Order 8" Stainless Steel French Whip Each @ $5.45

List Price: $11.00


Ship Weight:  .16 lbs.
Handle Material:  Stainless Steel
Length:  8″
Metal Type:  Stainless Steel
Steel Quality:  18/0
Whip Type:  French

Product Details

Whisking is a necessary evil in the kitchen. Unlike with commercial mixers, whisking allows you to achieve the perfect consistency necessary for your batters or signature sauces. It doesn’t matter whether you’re whipping a few eggs for an omelette or batter to bake a cake, Royal Industries has the perfect utensil for you. Their 8” stainless steel French whip (BEST 820) is sturdy enough to pass the test of time. This whip features an all-18/0 stainless steel construction with thick, rigid wires that won’t bend or snap when facing a particularly thick batter or sauce.